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December Ministry Update!

  5 Months Down, 5 More to Go!     I cannot believe I’m already half way done with the Apprenticeship! I am so thankful for the ways you all have supported me and prayed for me throughout this process. These past ten months have shaped me both as a disciple and as a minister. God has been working in really neat ways throughout this past semester and I’m so glad I get to share it with you!     Sermons: In December, I’ve had the opportunity to give two sermons. The first sermon I gave was to just one staff member, a guest, and two other apprentices. This was for what we call a “Preaching Lab.” Preaching Labs provide apprentices with the opportunity to practice writing and delivering sermons. We are given feedback and encouragements, and they have overall been so helpful. For this sermon, I preached on Psalm 13, which has been a Psalm that has impacted and transformed the way I relate to God. In Psalm 13, David is honest with God about the loneliness he is experiencing and the lies he is