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February Wrap Up!

 How is it already March? It feels like February just blew right by. Even though time is flying, it is so evident that God is working at UT Dallas! Before I get into the details, I'm going to start with sharing some good news!  Good News: -My Core is going really well! We have been doing topical studies over different things we tend to idolize. This has started some great discussions and has brought us all closer together!  -The girls in my core have become really sweet friends with one another. One of my prayers for them was that they would see each other as friends and I can see God answering that so clearly!  -I got to give a talk on Spiritual Friendships for our students! This went really well and I am praying that it will cast a vision for them to dive deeper in their friendships. -UTD announced they will be opening the campus up next semester! This means FOCUS can operate in a normal capacity and we can meet with students freely on campus. Praise God! -I get to stay on staff