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  Getting Started!   After many months of change, transition, and anticipation, the Apprenticeship has finally started! Although it is going to be a unique year due to COVID-19, I am eager to see how God will continue to work through these circumstances.    We officially started August 1 st  with an orientation, our first class, and a “reading day”. Prior to our first day, we were responsible for listening to a series of lectures on Biblical Theology. These lectures were really helpful and prepared me for the upcoming year by teaching me how to approach and think through scripture differently. In addition, as a lot of you guys know, I spent the months leading up to the Apprenticeship building my Prayer and Financial Support Team. It was AMAZING to see how God provided in such incredible ways, and in a world-wide pandemic at that. It definitely reassured me that I am right where God wants me to be this year. Thank you so much to everyone that has prayed for me, invested in me, and suppo