Getting Started!


After many months of change, transition, and anticipation, the Apprenticeship has finally started! Although it is going to be a unique year due to COVID-19, I am eager to see how God will continue to work through these circumstances. 


We officially started August 1st with an orientation, our first class, and a “reading day”. Prior to our first day, we were responsible for listening to a series of lectures on Biblical Theology. These lectures were really helpful and prepared me for the upcoming year by teaching me how to approach and think through scripture differently. In addition, as a lot of you guys know, I spent the months leading up to the Apprenticeship building my Prayer and Financial Support Team. It was AMAZING to see how God provided in such incredible ways, and in a world-wide pandemic at that. It definitely reassured me that I am right where God wants me to be this year. Thank you so much to everyone that has prayed for me, invested in me, and supported me! 

Here are some of the girls I am working with this year! They are fun, wise, and so loving.
 I can't wait to see how God uses them throughout the Apprenticeship. 

So, what will this year look like? 


As Apprentices, we have the privilege of investing about 20 hours of our work week in learning. We even dedicate whole days to reading. We have spent the past week reading the Old Testament, textbook chapters corresponding with the books of the Bible we have read, listening to audio lectures on the Old Testament, and discussing what we have learned in a class setting. Right now, we are spending our time to deep dive into the Old Testament in class. Throughout the next ten months, however, we will be taking classing regarding the New Testament, Eschatology, Ministry Essentials, Financial Stewardship, Evangelism, and much more! 


Even after just one week of classes and reading, I have learned so much about God, His character, and the great love He has for His people. Not only has this been transformative for my own personal walk with God, but I believe the things I am learning in class will greatly impact the way I do ministry and interact with people. 

This is my husband, William! I am so thankful I get to work and learn alongside him for the next ten months.
While I am doing ministry at UTD, he will be working with the teen ministry at our church. 

UTD’s Weeks of Welcome start next week! These next two weeks are very important for our ministry as this is a key time to bring people in to our community. This will set us up for a fruitful, successful year. Will you please start praying for UTD’s students? Although there are many obstacles to jump through, I am confident that the Lord will lead us to students that are searching for a place to belong. Please be praying that I (along with the rest of FOCUS) will love on students really well and be bold in sharing the gospel these upcoming weeks. 


While it may be tempting to approach this year with negativity and doubt, I believe it might actually be the perfect time to transition into full time ministry! This year, I have the unique opportunity to meet students that have been isolated and lonely. These students are most likely craving meaningful friendships, purpose, and answers to the questions quarantine might have brought up! I have confidence that the Lord will use this to build His Kingdom on the college campus.

Last Thursday, we all officially became ordained ministers! It was really neat to be reminded of our responsibilities as a campus pastor.
God takes our commitments seriously and we get to rely on Him to help us fulfill them. 

My prayer for this year is that the staff and student leaders in FOCUS will use this time to grow in dependence on the Lord. We have always known that ministry apart from dependence on Him is impossible, but this year we get to put what may have been mere head knowledge to practice. 


Moving forward, I will be posting ministry updates on the 1st of every month. Be on the lookout for those! Meanwhile, if there is any way I can be praying for you, please send your requests my way! 




  1. This is fantastic sweet girl! So proud of you!

  2. I am praying for you and the students you will get to minister to. I am so thankful for you, your sweet heart and love for God!


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