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September Ministry Update!

Hey guys!  Thanks for checking out my September blog! God has been working in such incredible and unique ways this semester. I wanted to start this post by sharing some good news! I met one of the girls in my core during an online event at the beginning of the semester. She has been consistent, available, and teachable! I know God is going to use her in powerful ways throughout the rest of her time in college. Another girl in my core has been asking questions about what it means to be a spiritual leader in college! During quarantine, she grew interested in walking with God and decided to dive into Scripture on her own for the first time. God used that time in her life to prepare her for a lifetime of knowing Him and guiding others into a relationship with Him! I had the opportunity to start bringing World Prayer into our community. We are starting this on our social media accounts and will hopefully get to do World Prayer events when we are allowed to meet on the campus in person! Mini